Youth and Discipleship

The Church of God in North Georgia has always put a premium on Youth and Discipleship ministries. From the dynamic days in Doraville to the powerful outpouring of God’s presence on our students at the Legacy, North Georgia has placed a priority on the mandate to reach the lost and make disciples. For decades our youth and children have been at the forefront of our evangelism and discipleship efforts and that wonderful tradition will continue with renewed emphasis on resourcing the local church, training leaders and providing experiences where students will gather in the power of Pentecost to worship and study Gods Word! We may be faced with difficult challenges in an ever-changing culture, the North Georgia Youth and Discipleship Department is committed to embracing the Finish Commitment and the 20/20 Vision in the following ways:

Life Changing Worship Opportunities

  • Youth Camp

  • Fall Student Retreat

  • Winterfest

  • Kidfest

  • SYNC

  • Boys/Girls Ministries

Leadership Development & Training

  • NYLA

  • CLA


Developing their Gifts and Callings

  • Teen Talent

  • Junior Talent

  • Abante

  • LEAD

  • Eagles Leadership Inititative

Youth Missions

  • YWEA

  • STEP/ Global Expeditions

  • Run 4 Hope

  • KidMission


Greg Baird - Church Ministries Director

Greg Baird - Church Ministries Director

Jan and I are excited about what God is doing in and through this generation! How thrilling it is to realize that we are co-laborers together with God…what a team! So…be steadfast, don’t lose heart, hang in there and keep looking up with 20/20 Vision!


Smoky Mountain Winterfest

A youth movement that annually reaches thousands across the country and around the world. For over 35 years now, Winterfest has been a consistent place where the lives, direction, and paths of young people are interrupted, influenced, and forever changed by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Youth Camp

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Teen Talent Flyer 2019.jpeg